Under the sea at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Under the sea at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Layton, Utah. It was a unique and fabulous experience- I can’t wait to go back!

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Under the Sea with SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, Discount Tickets

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I’ve been to a few big aquariums and thoroughly enjoyed them, but my experience at SeaQuest was one that really stands out.

When I first heard SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium, I wasn’t sure what that would actually mean. I was surprised to learn that people are encouraged to interact with a variety of animals. Feed the birds and fish, touch a starfish, swim with the manta rays- it’s such a unique and fun environment!

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, Pirate Island, coupon

Each room at SeaQuest has a different theme, creating an exotic adventure with stops in the Amazon Rainforest, Shark Lagoon, Pirate Ship, and more. The design and layout of the aquarium are fabulous! I was really impressed by the details and atmosphere of the entire facility. There are photo spots everywhere you look.

Highlights of my visit to SeaQuest

Feeding the Stingrays

I was really surprised to find out we could actually feed the stingrays! How amazing to have these animals eat right out of my fingers!

Ultraviolet Fish

Have an awesome family adventure at SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium  SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, Glow Fish

This is one of my favorite spots! It was so fun to see the reactions of kids in this area- it’s truly magical! So many glowing fish!

Fish Pedicures

I was so excited to try this! There were still a few nerves because I’ve never let fish have a go at my feet before, but it turns out I didn’t need to be worried at all.

The fish in the tanks are doctor fish, toothless feeders that suck the dead skin cells off your feet. It was a really different feeling- maybe a cross between soaking your feet in soda or, as they described it, pop rocks on your feet.

I loved that Dianne took the time to teach us about the fish and answer our questions about them. It was so interesting and a great final touch to the whole experience.

I would love to do this again!

Details I love


There are numerous places to sit down, which isn’t often the case in places like this. A spot to rest or watch the fish is such a practical and friendly feature.

Charging Station

A wonderful spot to sit and rest- and charge! When your batteries are low from all those awesome photos, you can take a break while you charge up for more.

Gift Shop

I love the SeaQuest Gift Shop! It’s wonderful! It’s full of fun gifts, toys, and fun! The best part was the price.

I love the SeaQuest Gift Shop! It’s wonderful! It’s full of unique gifts, toys, and fun! The best part was the price. (Yes, you read that right!) Most gift shops are crazy expensive but the prices at SeaQuest are pleasantly affordable.

Washing Stations

Since this is an interactive aquarium and there are animals to handle, there are also washing stations in EVERY room.

Awesome Staff

I was really impressed by the staff at SeaQuest! They’re all so friendly, knowledgeable, and went out of their way to help the patrons. They turned a fabulous facility into a very memorable experience.

Even more!

Visit a mermaid


SeaQuest would be such a fun place to host an event! There’s an Event Room which would be really fun for a hosting birthday party, corporate event, reunion, and more.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, Event Room

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Snorkel with the Stingrays

I definitely want to experience this! I watched others snorkeling and it looked amazing!

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SeaQuest is generously offering a discount for my readers. Thank you!

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SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Gift Shop

More posts coming soon!

There are so many things to experience, I can’t fit them all in one post. I loved my visit to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium and I’ll be going back soon! Follow me to be sure you don’t miss upcoming posts and learn about more features of this destination!

Check out SeaQuest on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter too!  SeaQuest has multiple locations: Layton, Utah; Las Vegas, Nevada; and coming soon to Texas.

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11 Ways YOU Can Cause Chaos and Stress

11 Ways YOU Can Cause Chaos and Stress

If your family seems a little too happy and peaceful, turn things around fast by trying these ideas for adding stress and chaos to your day!

1.  Yell and nag at your family when you’re running late.  Think they should be moving faster?  Holler at them.  This will cause extra stress (especially when your daughter proceeds to lock herself in the bathroom to cry) and slow everything down, cascading in extra chaos all around the house.

2.  Say, “I told you so!”  Obviously the person already knows this and they likely feel bad and/or dumb about it.  Try rubbing it in to add some stress to both of your days.

3.  Tell your kids you’re making a phone call and need them to be quiet, then pick up the phone.  Your children’s evil twins will emerge and drive things to the brink of insanity in no time.

4.  Criticize someone in front of others.  Help that special person know they did something wrong by shaming them in front of your in-laws, neighbors or kids.  Stress levels are guaranteed to rise!

5.  Having an argument?  Bring up all the past mistakes the other person has made.  Take things from bad to ten times worse.

6.  Refuse to apologize.  After all, if you hadn’t been pushed so unreasonably, you never would’ve snapped in the first place.

7.  Say YES when anyone asks you to do anything and everything.  After all, you don’t need sleep.

8.  Hide the toilet paper.

9.  Interrupt people when they’re talking.  They really should be listening to you in the first place.

10.  Insist everyone recognize that your way is The Right Way.  You already know this, of course, but shouldn’t the world acknowledge such an accomplishment.

11.  Get upset when people don’t read your mind correctly.  You DID put the vibes out there!

There.  Wasn’t that easy?

Extra stress not your thing?

Don’t follow the list!  Be nice, apologize, and help everyone get along!   Be a positive force in your homes and lives to bring out the best in everyone!
What should I wear?  Solved!

What should I wear?  Solved!

Save time and energy every morning!  Getting clothes ready early can save time and stress in the morning.  Prep clothes for a week at a time to make life even easier.  It saves you from having to choose an outfit and then track everything down.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click through and purchase something, I’d receive a small commission to help keep the lights on at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Mornings are hard.  They just are.

There’s always so much going on- especially when there are places to go and people to see.  Anything that can be done in advance can make a big difference in the morning rush.
I’ve tried setting clothes out the night before and it worked… for awhile.  Nighttime routines can be a bit crazy too so I’d find myself forgetting or just thinking, “I’m too tired!  I’ll just do it in the morning!”  Then we were back to crazy mornings.  Have you ever felt like this?  (please tell me it isn’t just me!)

One day I was folding laundry and thought, why don’t I just get it ready for the whole week right now?

 So I did- and it was totally worth it!


Laundry must folded and stacked anyway, so instead of setting it in piles of shirts, pants, etc., make stacks of outfits- socks, undies and all.  If you have clothes that need to be hung, make groups to put together in the closet.  How much easier for kids (and adults)  if they don’t have to find so many different items in the rush of morning!
For the kids, get a hanging closet organizer like THIS ONE and put one day’s clothes in each slot.  They can grab a stack and they’ll have everything they need down to their socks.  Mission Get Dressed accomplished!
If there’s a possibility of various weather, put a sticky note on the stacks to easily see which are which.
Think how much easier mornings will be!

Light It Up!  Power Outage Kit

Light It Up!  Power Outage Kit

When the lights go out, it’s nice to have the supplies you need ready.

Be prepared ahead of time!  Create a power outage box and keep it where it’s easy to access in the dark.


We all experience power outages from time to time so having things ready can make life easier.

Basic Kit

Candles (after Christmas is a great time to stock up on these)
Candle holders
Matches (the strike anywhere are great!)
Box to hold everything

A Few More Things

Radio and Batteries
Food that doesn’t need to be warmed up
Hand Warmers
A game
Depending on your area, you might want to have a generator and fuel ready as well.  If you have a camp trailer, call an electrician to see if you can hook it up to vital systems of your house in an emergency.
When it comes to candles, there are many shapes and sizes.  Be sure you have holders to match the candles in your box..
Tea light candles work really well for power outages.  Put each one in a quart-size mason jar.  It can be safer this way and the light reflects around on the glass to makes rooms brighter.
If you do have an outage, look outside to see if your neighbors have power or not.  You might not be able to tell if it’s daytime.  If it’s just your house, make sure things are secure, grab your kit and try to determine the cause.  If your whole area has an outage, get some light going and settle in.
You can also use magnetic flashlight like THIS to keep in easily accessible places.  You could place one on your fridge and another on the utility box.  If you use a metal box for your power outage kit, you could even put one on the outside of the box to help you get candles set up!
Having a light kids can hold can help them feel more confident in the dark.  THIS ONE is great because it glows in the dark so kids (& adults) can find it if they wake up in the dark.  Games and toys help too!
Family Emergency Drills

Family Emergency Drills

Being prepared for emergencies can mean the difference between organized chaos and complete and total chaos.  Having drills in place and practicing can help children (and adults) feel more confident that they will know how to deal with an emergency should one occur.


Earthquakes, house fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, medical emergency, power outage, stranger approaching

So many scary possibilities!


Emergencies come in many shapes and sizes and it’s important to have drills in place- just in case.  Knowing what to do ahead of time can help kids (and adults) know what to do instead of panicking if an emergency arises.
Certain emergencies can happen wherever you live.  Others are more specific to your area.  If you live in a land-locked area, you probably don’t need to worry about tsunamis.  Think about what does happen where you live.  Maybe you live on a fault line or in a remote area where there are wild animals to worry about or perhaps there’s a nearby river with a flood potential.

1. Identify Potential Emergencies

The first thing you need to do is to determine the potential threats of your area.  Decide which are the most likely and start from there.

2. Create Your Plan

Start developing plans for different emergencies.  For house fires, look at exits and plot various exit routes.  Choose an outside family meeting place so kids will know where to go to escape the danger instead of looking through the house for parents.

3. Practice Drills

Help everyone remember the drill and feel comfortable actually doing it by having practice drills.  I’m never very excited for this step but my kids LOVE doing drills!  They really like the problem solving aspect and running around.
Try several drills at a time or one here and there.  Surprise everyone by saying, “earthquake drill!” when they aren’t expecting it so they can be ready to drop what they’re doing and take action.   It keeps things light and fun while getting important practice.

4. Create A Kit

There are supplies that are helpful to have for certain emergencies.  Determine your needs and gather what you need to be prepared.
Check out my post on Power Outage Kits!

Helpful Resources

There are many places to find help creating emergency drills.  Click the links below for a few.

 House Fire

Create an evacuation plan with this helpful resource!









Power Outage





Calendar on a String

Calendar on a String

Keep important papers, kids’ artwork, and calendars handy and organized using a string.

Papers, papers everywhere!  There are so many papers to organize and keep up with.   I use several different systems to organize various papers and schedules, but there are some things that are nice to keep visible.

Create an uncluttered spot to see your weekly to do list, a monthly calendar and any thoughts, invitations, or announcements.  It’s a simple way to see what’s important now without being too overwhelming.


Create Your Organizing String

Supplies Needed

2 Metal Washers

Binder clips (Various sizes can be fun)

Cording or String  (I like this one)

2 Nails


1- Decide how wide you want your string to be and place your nails.

2- Hold the string up and experiment with how deep of a swag you want.  Leave an extra 2 inches on each end for attaching to the washer then cut.

Calendar on a String- place ring

3- Fold the end of the string over about two inches from the end and poke through the washer.  Pull the length of the string through the loop and adjust it down.  Repeat on the other end.

4- Hang the washers on the nails, add the paperclips and papers.  Done!


These are the calendars I’ve been using this year.  I really love them both!  The links to both are below.

The monthly calendar is from Skip To My Lou.  I love how cute they are!  I don’t actually write on these- I love them too much to mess them up.

The weekly calendar is from The Confident Mom.  I’ve used her planners for several years- and her Summer Survival Calendars- and they work really well for me!

This works really well for kids artwork, pictures, and other important papers.