$10 at Target: it’s all about the tray

$10 at Target: it’s all about the tray

Welcome to the $10 at Target link-up! I’m co-hosting this linkup with some blogging friends and each month we’ll share our recent finds from Target for $10 or less. We’d love you to join in the fun! Link up with us below then check out what the other co-hosts have found this month as well!

See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

Usually when I’m walking toward the Target Dollar Spot, I might have some general ideas of what I want, but usually nothing very specific. Not the case this time! I’d seen pictures of a tray from the Dollar Spot and I wanted one! So, I headed over with a mission. And I almost failed.

See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who liked this tray. I ended up really searching through things to find the last remaining, and hidden, trays. They were both bright pink, and I really wanted a different color. {Color change project coming soon…}

See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

During the search for the tray, I found a blank sign that I loved! The color was great but the flat paint was really scuffed and scraped. I still loved the shape and it’s the Dollar Spot so nothing’s expensive. I decided to go ahead and get it for a teacher gift project.

See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

Next I found some little triangle sticky notes that will work really well in my planner. I like having notes of different sizes I can move around and it’s hard to find really small ones. Usually I end up cutting up bigger ones, but this is easier and prettier.

My kids have asked various times if they could put glow in the dark stars on their ceilings. I’m not crazy about the idea because I don’t want to end up picking adhesive off the ceiling before I can paint again. (Been there, done that) I liked the variety in this pack so I thought maybe I could make them into a hanging decoration. Still fun and “glowy,” no sticky leftovers.

Last I grabbed a grow-your-own Sensitive Plant kit. In the past we had a Venus Fly Trap and my kids loved it! I thought we could try another sensitive plant and see what we get.

How did things total up?

Tray $3.00
Blank Sign $3.00
Sticky Notes $1.00
Star Pack $1.00
Plant Kit $1.00
Tax $0.62
TOTAL $9.62

See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

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See what $10 can get you at Target. Check out what we've all found this month for $10. What did I find? It's all about the tray.

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3 ways to conquer your crazy schedule

3 ways to conquer your crazy schedule

Is your schedule looking as overwhelming as mine? Try these three things to conquer your crazy schedule and take back your life!

Make a list of priorities

Often in life, we get bogged down by all the stuff that fills up our time. There’s so much to do! Laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, homework, more laundry, housework, carpools- the list goes on… and on.

How can defining your priorities help your schedule? When you’re getting overwhelmed, hopefully it can help us remember what’s really going to matter at the end of the day. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose track- especially when choosing between something we need to do and something we really want to do.

For example, I *might* get a little caught up when I’m working on craft projects. It’s easy for me to get sucked in and blow other things off- which is fine sometimes! The trouble comes when I have to choose between continuing my project (because it’s a critical moment!) or, say, starting dinner. The choice is easy when written down in black and white, but when caught up in the  moment, it might feel harder to choose.

Is focusing on craft projects bad? Of course not. Are there times it could be the top priority? Yes! Having a list of priorities can help you change gears and focus on what’s most important for the moment.

To Do List

There’s a reason to do lists have been around for so long. They work! They can help you focus on getting your must-do list done more efficiently so you can move on your want-to-do list. It’s a great place to group priorities and get organized.

There are so many ways to make lists. Paper and pencil, an app on your phone, a wipe board, or countless other ways- which one should you choose? Start with something that seems to fit your life, then swap out if it isn’t working. There’s no right or wrong way to do this- just start experimenting!


There are may places to learn and grow! As you explore various aspects of your life, priorities become more clear and you find ways to balance your schedule and life.

There’s a free training event coming up designed just for women and moms like you and me. Yes, FREE. You don’t have to find a sitter, book a room or get a flight for this training. You can watch right from home!

The Mom Project - Twitter Promo

March 1st-3rd, 2017, there will be a summit titled The Mom Project. It’s a virtual summit created to empower and equip moms like us in areas of motherhood, business, finances, self-care, and more.

You can CLICK to register for free now using my link!  I’m excited to be affiliated with this awesome opportunity!

Why The Mom Project?

The Mom Project will help you develop your priorities and find ways to be more efficient. You will leave this three day event ready to take on 2017 challenges like never before. Some of our topics include:

  • Self-Care for the Busy Mom
  • Empowerment for Women to Live in Their God-given Purpose
  • How to Pursue Your Passion While Deep in Your Motherhood Journey
  • Reaching Millennials:  Being Authentic vs. Being Relevant
  • Image and Personal Style Discovery: Your secret weapon to 10x your confidence and attract your ideal client

…and so much more! We have over 20 amazing speakers ready to pour into you and your growth for three days!

If you are ready to get beyond being motivated but become motivated to act, join me at The Mom Project 2017 Summit!


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Win 2 Tickets to the Utah Dance Film Festival

Win 2 Tickets to the Utah Dance Film Festival

I’m excited to be teaming up with the Utah Dance Film Festival to give away 2 complimentary tickets to the event this weekend. Scroll down to enter!

The fourth annual Utah Dance Film Festival will be held at SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem, Utah on February 24th-25th, 2017. This two-day event will screen over 50 films from seven different countries and give attendees the opportunity to participate in dance and film workshops, sponsored by The Utah Film Commission.

The weekend will culminate with the Awards Showcase, featuring the winning films from the festival. Also, audiences will enjoy live performances from SALT Contemporary Dance Company, Jen Pendleton’s Falling State performing group, Hip Hop group, Millennium The Company SLC, under the direction of Kylie Bronk and Utah County’s Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company.

Check out Utah Dance Film Festival on Instagram HERE

Learn more about the event HERE

Purchase tickets and see the full event listing on the
Utah Dance Film Festival website

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Top Five Shared Posts of 2015

Top Five Shared Posts of 2015

See which of my posts were shared the most in 2015.  What was your favorite?

2015 was busy around here!  I’ve loved getting to know my readers and would like to share your favorite posts.  Thanks for your support this year!

#1- Rebecca McKinnon’s Famous Ginger Cookies

I’m not that surprised these came in first- they’re AMAZING!

Becky's Cookies IG

#2- Make Cinnamon Spice Ornaments to Spruce up Your Holidays

This is one of my favorites too!  These smell SO amazing!

Cinnamon SpiceOrnaments TW

 #3- Things We Say To Our Kids Bingo

We’ve had fun with this one at our house!

Things We Say to Our Kids BINGO

#4- Santa: When They Stop Believing

Santa (1)


#5- 2015: Important stuff happened.  Write it down.

Printables to fill out to record the year’s memories.

2015- Write It Down TW

Two posts tied for runner up:


Homemade Laundry Soap for Hard Water

Homemade Laundry Soap


“Can We Sit Together for Family Dinner”

Family Dinner for FB


There you have it!  I’m looking forward to another year of blogging and getting to know all of you!

If there’s anything you’d like me to focus on- anything you’re struggling with or interested in- please let me know!  Comment below or send me an email.  Thanks!

Oops!  A strong arm put a hole in the wall?  Fix it!

Oops! A strong arm put a hole in the wall? Fix it!

It might not be the plan but sometimes we’re stronger than we think.
Fix that hole in your wall so it will look good as new!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click through and purchase something, I’d receive a small commission to help keep the lights on at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!

What You Need

Spackling- I like THIS KIND because it’s pink when wet and turns white when dry.  No guessing!

Self-Adhesive Wall Patch (here’s one)

Scraper- THIS would work for small to medium holes

Sandpaper or Sanding Sponge like this

Or, get a kit like THIS and supplement any other supplies needed.

First, scrape off the excess mess and clean up/sand the edges.

Fix Hole in the Wall 2

Stick on the self-adhesive wall patch.

Fix Hole in the Wall 3

Use your putty knife to spread the spackling.

Get it as flat and smooth as you can.

Fix Hole in the Wall 4

If you got the pink kind you can watch it dry.

(because you have nothing better to do, right?)
Or, check back later to see the progress.

Fix Hole in the Wall 5

When it’s completely dry, sand it nice and flat.

Fix Hole in the Wall 6

Brush away the dust and you’re ready for painting!

Fix Hole in the Wall 8

Yay!  Much better!

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Creating a geoboard is a fun STEAM activity you can do with your kids. They’ll quickly be designing geometric shapes and patterns while having a blast!   


11 Ways YOU Can Cause Chaos and Stress

11 Ways YOU Can Cause Chaos and Stress

If your family seems a little too happy and peaceful, turn things around fast by trying these ideas for adding stress and chaos to your day!

1.  Yell and nag at your family when you’re running late.  Think they should be moving faster?  Holler at them.  This will cause extra stress (especially when your daughter proceeds to lock herself in the bathroom to cry) and slow everything down, cascading in extra chaos all around the house.

2.  Say, “I told you so!”  Obviously the person already knows this and they likely feel bad and/or dumb about it.  Try rubbing it in to add some stress to both of your days.

3.  Tell your kids you’re making a phone call and need them to be quiet, then pick up the phone.  Your children’s evil twins will emerge and drive things to the brink of insanity in no time.

4.  Criticize someone in front of others.  Help that special person know they did something wrong by shaming them in front of your in-laws, neighbors or kids.  Stress levels are guaranteed to rise!

5.  Having an argument?  Bring up all the past mistakes the other person has made.  Take things from bad to ten times worse.

6.  Refuse to apologize.  After all, if you hadn’t been pushed so unreasonably, you never would’ve snapped in the first place.

7.  Say YES when anyone asks you to do anything and everything.  After all, you don’t need sleep.

8.  Hide the toilet paper.

9.  Interrupt people when they’re talking.  They really should be listening to you in the first place.

10.  Insist everyone recognize that your way is The Right Way.  You already know this, of course, but shouldn’t the world acknowledge such an accomplishment.

11.  Get upset when people don’t read your mind correctly.  You DID put the vibes out there!

There.  Wasn’t that easy?

Extra stress not your thing?

Don’t follow the list!  Be nice, apologize, and help everyone get along!   Be a positive force in your homes and lives to bring out the best in everyone!