Welcome Spring with this easy wreath!

Supplies needed:

Round wreath form (styrofoam wreath form, piece of swimming noodle or pipe insulation glued in a circle)

Green yarn


Two colors of felt for flowers

Pearl head pins LIKE THESE


Wrap wreath with yarn, attaching the ends with glue, tape, or by tying a knot. Cut two sizes of flowers out of felt- a smaller one to layer over a slightly larger one.  (flowers can be any size- they all look festive!) Push a pearl pin through a smaller flower, then a larger flower.  Pick a spot on the wreath and push it in.  Repeat until you’re happy with how it looks.  If you don’t like the spacing you can always move them around.  That’s part of the fun! Decide which side should be the top, wrap the ribbon around and tie a bow.  It can be a really fancy bow, or just a simple one. Take another piece of ribbon and tie it around the first piece (with the bow on it) to create a hanger or use a door hanger you already have.

Hang it up and enjoy!

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