Moving can be hard for kids– big changes and lots of unknowns.  Use these ideas to ease things for everyone!

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As soon as we mentioned moving to our kids, they started worrying about what would happen to their toys.  While the boxes started stacking, it was a bit overwhelming- for everyone!  So, I gathered the kids and headed to Amazon for some help.

1.  I let each of my kids choose a roll of duct tape to label their boxes with.  I chose a couple for labeling other things too.  We ended up with a bunch of tape: black and white checkered, camo, leopard print, star wars, blue surf flower, etc.  You can also grab a variety pack like THIS ONE.  The kids helped me stick pieces of their tape on each side of their boxes so they can easily spot them.  The dreaded move was starting to be fun!  We labeled all the holiday boxes with their own design too (snowflakes).   I’m SO glad I had the kids help in this process.  It helped them feel like part of the moving process and gave them some control in a big situation.

2. I also gave them each one box to decorate and keep their special things in.  This will be their last box loaded and first box into our new home.

3. Learn about the new place we’ll be moving.  See what fun things are in the area.  Look at a map to see how to get there and what’s nearby.

4. Let the kids choose a moving buddy– a favorite (or even new) toy/game/book to take along while traveling.

5. Communicate– and be honest.  Things might not be perfect in your upcoming situation.  When kids ask, be up front about things- even the less positive topics.  There will be plenty of positive things to focus on and if your kids feel like you deceived them on something, they might not trust the good things in their new situation.

6. Take care of yourself.  Kids pick up on the extra stress if you’ve run yourself too ragged and let’s face it, moves are stressful enough.

7. Take time for the kids along the way.  Create adventures as you go.  Maybe you’ll pass something unusual or different along the way- an historical site or bizarre landmark- or even just a really cool tree.

8. Help kids find new friends.  If you’re going back and forth to move things, take a little while early on and see if there are potential friends for your kids in the area.  That way when you’re in the process of leaving things behind, they’ll have potential friendships to look forward to.   If you won’t be going back and forth, do some research online to find parks, a church, or somewhere else your kids can look forward to meeting other children.

9. Camera- let kids take pics of everything they want to remember, then document the adventures along the way.  (here’s one that won’t break the bank)

10. Let kids help unpack and decide where to put things.  Having their help could {hopefully} make things easier and help them feel at home in their new space.


Do you have any advice for moving with kids?  Please share!

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