Looking for some new candy Easter eggs to try? Here are 30 to get you started!

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Fill your Easter baskets with unique eggs everyone will love!

1. Oreo Eggs

How have I missed these? They look delicious!

2. Edible Chocosaurus Chocolate Egg

White, dark, and milk chocolate- plus baby dinos!

3. Easter egg shaped tootsie pops

Tootsie pops are a favorite at our house! Egg shaped? SO fun!

4. Albanese Eggstravagant Easter Gummy eggs

These yummy gummy eggs look tie dyed!

5. Smarties Easter egg

Surprise! Break it open to see the Smarties inside!

6. Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg

Hollow milk chocolate in a sugar shell.

7. Marmite Flavoured Chocolate Easter Egg With Cashew Nuts

Haven’t tried this one but it has CASHEWS!

8. Rowntree Randoms Insider Egg

Rowntree gummy treats?!? A favorite treat at our house!

9. Milkybar Mini Eggs

White chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell

10. Elmers heavenly hash eggs

Double-rich milk chocolate, marshmallow and fresh roasted almonds. A New Orleans favorite!