Fill your Easter baskets with unique eggs everyone will love!

11. Lion Bar Retro Egg


12. Galaxy Golden Mini Eggs

Milk chocolate with bits of crunchy caramel rolled in gold colored dust

13. Big League Chew Jumbo Easter Egg

Any Big League fans out there?

14. Chock-full chocolate egg

Why haven’t I seen this before? It’s SO cute!

15. Nestle Quality Street Egg

Must try!

16. And now orange… Nestle Quality Street Matchmakers Orange Egg

17. And… Nestle Quality Street Matchmakers Cool Mint Egg

18. Cadbury Wispa Egg

If it has Cadbury chocolate, it MUST be good!

19. Smarties Hen House Easter Egg

Love it!

20. Gut Springenheide- FOUR Real Eggshell with Hazelnut Chocolate Truffel Filling

These look incredible!