Welcome to 31 Days of Strengthening Family! I don’t know about you, but it can be easy to focus on struggles and harder to focus on the positive things we can do to help our families. All month we’ll be sharing various ideas to help!

31 Days of Strengthening Family - focus on the positive things we can do to help!

I’d love to know what would be helpful for you, whether you have specific questions or struggles you’re dealing with, or maybe there’s something you’re interested in. Please let me know so I can focus on topics that will help YOU! I have some fabulous people to help answer questions I might not have experience with so ask away.

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Day 2
Try these 20 fun activities to give your kids creative things to do instead of staring at a screen. We all know it’s important to limit screen time but sometimes it’s hard to come up with something kids actually want to do. #activitiesforkids #screentime #parenting #kids

Day 3
Can we sit together for family dinner? Eating as a family can help kids strengthen and grow.

Day 4
Quick Stress Relief Tips For Moms, If you're feeling overwhelmed, worn out, or frustrated from the daily stress of being a busy parent, check in with these easy ideas. Parenting, busy

Day 5
Learning to say no: Mom's Secret Weapon, Are you suffering from mom burn out? Do you struggle just to make it through each day? Moms everywhere are breaking down and giving out because they haven’t learned to say No.

Day 6
Active listening is such a helpful tool to aid family relations. Communicating with our children and family can be a difficult task. These tips with help with better family relations.

Day 7
Hobbies benefit kids in many ways. Opportunity to express themselves, allow for self discovery while building self-esteem. Parenting, family, talents

Day 8
Learning to not interrupt is an important life skill that children can take into adulthood. It helps them develop respect, as well as being aware of those around them. Parenting, kids, strengthen family

Day 9
We watch our children grow right before our very eyes giving us an ever-changing role as a parent. Parenting, kids, strengthen family

Day 10
Quality time with your kids is an important, and fun part of life. The benefits are worth making it happen. Parenting, traditions, strengthen family, home


There are more coming every day! Here are some ideas while you’re waiting for more.

10 rules for visiting friends' homes to teach your kids. It's so important for kids to make friends and learn how to be a guest. Etiquette, manners, polite.   These 50 funny jokes for kids are great for getting a laugh! Perfect for long car rides, family night, and friends. #kids #parentingidea #jokes

Personalized Cleaning Kits for Kids   The Learning Dynamics Reading Program has made such an impact in my daughter's reading. It's fun and simple to use. I wish I'd had this program from my first child on. It's such a great way to learn and kids love it!

When the day comes that your child stops believing in Santa, keep the holiday magic alive with these ideas and traditions!