If your house ever seems overrun by toyshide them!  The results are awesome!  Obviously you wouldn’t want to take the one they can’t live without, but the others are fair game!

5 Reasons I Hide my kids toys

  1.  Kids get bored with their toys after a bit.  Take a few they aren’t as excited with and stash them somewhere.  Add a few more here and there as they get tired of more.  Then, on a day where everyone’s having a harder time, pull some of them out.  Your kids will be excited to see their long lost toys and enjoy them again!
  2. Your house will be easier to keep clean with fewer toys floating around.  Your kids will have an easier time keeping their rooms clean which is good for everyone: great for their self-esteem and fabulous for your stress level.
  3. When there are fewer toys to work with, kids seem to get even more creative– which is always awesome!  I’ve noticed that some of the most creative ideas tend to come when there’s less around and kids are stretching a bit more.
  4. There’s more room to play!  It’s more fun to play when you aren’t crammed together so much.
  5. Kids can get more impatient and appreciate things less if they have everything available at the snap of their fingers.  Having fewer toys available all the time can help them feel more grateful for what they do have.

Win-win!  Kids are less-bored and things are easier for you!

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