Keep important papers, kids’ artwork, and calendars handy and organized using a string.

Organize calendars, kids' artwork, important papers, etc.

Papers, papers everywhere!  There are so many papers to organize and keep up with.   I use several different systems to organize various papers and schedules, but there are some things that are nice to keep visible.

Create an uncluttered spot to see your weekly to do list, a monthly calendar and any thoughts, invitations, or announcements.  It’s a simple way to see what’s important now without being too overwhelming.


Create Your Organizing String

Supplies Needed

2 Metal Washers

Binder clips (Various sizes can be fun)

Cording or String  (I like this one)

2 Nails


1- Decide how wide you want your string to be and place your nails.

2- Hold the string up and experiment with how deep of a swag you want.  Leave an extra 2 inches on each end for attaching to the washer then cut.

Calendar on a String- place ring

3- Fold the end of the string over about two inches from the end and poke through the washer.  Pull the length of the string through the loop and adjust it down.  Repeat on the other end.

4- Hang the washers on the nails, add the paperclips and papers.  Done!


These are the calendars I’ve been using this year.  I really love them both!  The links to both are below.

The monthly calendar is from Skip To My Lou.  I love how cute they are!  I don’t actually write on these- I love them too much to mess them up.

The weekly calendar is from The Confident Mom.  I’ve used her planners for several years- and her Summer Survival Calendars- and they work really well for me!

This works really well for kids artwork, pictures, and other important papers.