The holidays can be a fabulous time of the year- or a stress factory.  Use these ideas to avoid stress and enjoy the holiday season.

There are several ways you can ease holiday stress.


Yes, it works!

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Make a list of everything you need and want to do.  It might be long.  It might look crazy.  That’s okay.  Just start writing.


Now cut your list into strips (or color code or use some other method of awesomeness) and arrange list into categories:  absolutely must be done, should/would love to get done, frosting on the cake, extra details in my dream to make everything perfect.  {see FREE worksheets below}  There are no right or wrong answers here- place things where YOU truly want them.


Once you have your lists, realize it’s okay if you don’t get past the Must Do list.  Yes, it would be great, but really- would it be the end of the world if the sprinkles on Santa’s cookies aren’t quite the color you’d envisioned?  It’s easy to pile on SO many things that really aren’t crucial, raising your own stress level and spilling over to the stress levels of everyone around you.

 Holiday Priorities

So, what’s really important to you this holiday season?

Focus on those things and if there’s time for more, awesome!

If not,

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Another way to relieve holiday stress is to organize gifts.

Not sure if things are even for your kids?  What did you give your parents/friends/neighbors last year?  Keep track using these FREE printables.  Whether you start your holiday shopping in June or the week before the big day, knowing what you have/need /want can make all the difference.

Gifts Given 2015-2020  Gifts by Number

 Have you heard of the idea to give your kids four things?

Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read!
Here’s a chart for that too!

Gifts- Want:Need:Wear:Read

Print out the charts that fit your life, grab a 3-RING BINDER, then punch holes and add to the book.
If you want to get fancy, add some PAGE PROTECTORS. You’ll be set for next year too!  Printables aren’t your thing?  Grab a BLANK BOOK and make your own.

Sit back, plan things out, and ENJOY your holidays!

What do you do to ease holiday stress?  Please share!