Help your family see what they’re thankful for by using my FREE printables to create a Gratitude Tree.

Help your family see what they're thankful for by using my FREE printables to create a Gratitude Tree.

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You only need a few supplies to create your own Gratitude Tree.

First, get some brown packing paper. (I’ve gotten some in packages from various companies.  I just ordered some bubble wrap from Amazon- SEE IT HERE– and it came with LOTS of packing paper)

Gratitude Tree- 1- paper

Next, get some tape.  I like the tape from the US Post Office because I can use it on my kitchen cupboards- it sticks and doesn’t damage it.  Your cupboards may be different so test it somewhere or use what you know works for you.

Gratitude Tree- 9

This step is optional but I HIGHLY recommend it.  Get a food box (cereal, frozen pizza, etc) and cut a thin strip to stabilize the trunk.  You can hot glue a few pieces together if you need to.  Mine looked like this.

Gratitude Tree- 2

Now, scrunch up some of the brown paper by in the middle of a piece.  I tried to get long wrinkles to look more like a trunk.  Once you’ve got the paper all wrinkled, put some hot glue on the cardboard and stick the middle wrinkled part of the paper to it.  Keep moving up until you have a strip about 2/3 to 3/4 as tall as you want your tree.  It should look something like this.

Gratitude Tree- 3

Add paper to cover the cardboard with extras on all sides to shape into the base and branches.

Gratitude Tree- 4

Put pieces of rolled up tape on the back- only on the cardboard.  Get quite a few so it will hold the weight.  When it looks about right, stick it to the wall/pantry door/etc. you want to display it on.

If you didn’t use cardboard, scrunch up the paper and put it directly on your wall/door/cupboard etc.  I have done this way and it worked but I ended up adding more and more tape because it had trouble staying up.

Form the branchless section of the trunk by crunching the edges of the paper in (or tearing some off if it’s too big) and taping down.

Start separating pieces out for the base.  You can twist, squeeze, or just scrunch them then use tape to stick them where you want them.
Gratitude Tree- 5

Work your way up the tree creating branches as you go.  Tear off extra paper and use to add branches if needed.   There’s no right or wrong way.

Gratitude Tree- 7    Gratitude Tree- 6

Once you have the branches made, take a look and see if it needs more/less of anything until you love it!

Gratitude Tree- 8

Now it’s time for the leaves.  You can make your own or use my FREE printable.  


Write things you’re thankful for on the leaves and tape them on the tree.  Enjoy!