Any little How To Train Your Dragon fans at your house?

Make an Astrid skirt for lots of playtime fun!


Easy, DIY Astrid Skirt for Dragons fans

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1/2 yd vinyl or other non-fray fabric (more for big kids)


Stickers, rhinestones, or anything else you want to decorate


Step 1:

Easy, DIY Astrid Skirt for Dragons fans

Lay out the fabric and measure the waist.  Use pants or a skirt that fits the child and lay it on the fabric.  Fold the fabric over to make it go all the way around the waistband and add a couple inches, then cut.  Decide how long you want the skirt to be and cut to the appropriate length.


Step 2:

Easy, DIY Astrid Skirt for Dragons fans

Cut a waistband by first measuring the skirt fabric, then doubling the length.  Cut a strip an inch wide.


Step 3:


Cut strips in skirt.  I did eight strips because it was easy.  Fold in half lengthwise, then fold in half again.  Cut on the folds leaving 2 or 3 inches at the waist, then cut each strip in half.  Slightly round the bottom corners of each strip.  Next make 1 1/4″ vertical cuts along the waist (waistband will thread through these).  Don’t cut too close to the top of the waist because you don’t want them to pull through.


*Apparently I didn’t get a picture of this- oops!*  If it doesn’t make sense, look at the next pictures to see how it ended up.


Step 4:

Easy, DIY Astrid Skirt for Dragons fans

Thread the waistband through the slits in the waist.

Easy, DIY Astrid Skirt for Dragons fans

Gather the kids (or not) and decorate away!