Being prepared for emergencies can mean the difference between organized chaos and complete and total chaos.  Having drills in place and practicing can help children (and adults) feel more confident that they will know how to deal with an emergency should one occur.


Earthquakes, house fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, medical emergency, power outage, stranger approaching

So many scary possibilities!


Emergencies come in many shapes and sizes and it’s important to have drills in place- just in case.  Knowing what to do ahead of time can help kids (and adults) know what to do instead of panicking if an emergency arises.
Certain emergencies can happen wherever you live.  Others are more specific to your area.  If you live in a land-locked area, you probably don’t need to worry about tsunamis.  Think about what does happen where you live.  Maybe you live on a fault line or in a remote area where there are wild animals to worry about or perhaps there’s a nearby river with a flood potential.

1. Identify Potential Emergencies

The first thing you need to do is to determine the potential threats of your area.  Decide which are the most likely and start from there.

2. Create Your Plan

Start developing plans for different emergencies.  For house fires, look at exits and plot various exit routes.  Choose an outside family meeting place so kids will know where to go to escape the danger instead of looking through the house for parents.

3. Practice Drills

Help everyone remember the drill and feel comfortable actually doing it by having practice drills.  I’m never very excited for this step but my kids LOVE doing drills!  They really like the problem solving aspect and running around.
Try several drills at a time or one here and there.  Surprise everyone by saying, “earthquake drill!” when they aren’t expecting it so they can be ready to drop what they’re doing and take action.   It keeps things light and fun while getting important practice.

4. Create A Kit

There are supplies that are helpful to have for certain emergencies.  Determine your needs and gather what you need to be prepared.
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Helpful Resources

There are many places to find help creating emergency drills.  Click the links below for a few.

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