Making a climbing tower for your garden is a fast, easy project.

It goes together quickly and looks big which feels great!


Garden Climbing Tower for Beans or other Veggies to Climb- made of PVC pipe

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Tools and Supplies Needed

PVC Pipe


Measuring Tape

Hacksaw or PVC Cutters

4 {1 foot} pieces rebar


Hammer or Mallot

Garden Climbing Tower- Supplies

Measure and Cut

Cut 6 crossbars and 2 top pieces.  PVC cutters LIKE THESE make this job so much easier!

Garden Climbing Tower- Cut PVC

Build Sides of Tower

Use T connectors to build side.  Repeat and build another.  Look at pic below to see how they fit.

Garden Climbing Tower- T Connectors

Garden Climbing Tower- Side

Attach elbow connectors to top of each side.

Garden Climbing Tower- Add Elbows



Build the top in an H shape.

How you should have two sides pieces and the top.

Garden Climbing Tower- Build H

Attach top to sides

Garden Climbing Tower- Top&Sides

Create Climbing Surfaces

Use string to wrap string around the sides for plants to climb.  The pattern isn’t too particular, you just want places for the plants to hang on.


“Plant” Rebar

We don’t want our little plants falling over, so pound the rebar pieces into the ground to anchor the PVC structure.  Check as you go to be sure the rebar is placed so the PVC pipes will fit on them.  I then used a rubber mallet to hammer the top corners of the structure to get it over the rebar and into the ground a bit.


Garden Climbing Tower- Rebar


Help plants climb

If your plants are already growing, find the tendrils and help string them up the tower.  I did green beans, which are great for climbing because their stems really grab them string.  If the plants aren’t tall enough to reach yet, keep an eye on them as they grow and help them find places as they get bigger.


Garden Climbing Tower- Help them up!


Enjoy watching your plants grow!  (and eating them, of course)