Are you motivated to lose weight? Check out this simple system to get you started!

Get ready to be motivated to lose weight!

Weight loss isn’t something I usually write about – I’m more about healthy living and positivity. That being said, I found this awesome tool that can help get people to healthier living and I’m all about that!

I’ve noticed that the times in my life where I’ve felt sluggish and less motivated tend to be when I’ve got a few pounds a lose. The trouble is, when you’re already feeling draggy, getting motivated to lose weight can be way harder!

Get motivated to lose weight!

Find your why

A great way to start the journey is figuring out WHY you want to lose weight. Maybe you want to feel better and have more energy, or maybe you want to fit in last year’s clothes. Knowing why you’re doing something can plant the seeds of motivation.

Think of the things that motivate YOU and try to figure out how you can tie it in to your goal.

Add a financial incentive to step things up a notch. Believe it or not, a huge motivator can be the risk of LOSING money. Sound backwards? I thought so too. Research from the Mayo Clinic tells us otherwise.

Get motivated to lose weight!

Getting a cash reward can be a great way to feel motivated and help you achieve your goal, but combine that with a potential cash loss and motivation goes WAY UP!

HealthyWage started a program that combines earning cash prizes with potential loss to help you get motivated to lose weight!

Use the HealthyWage calculator here to work out the amounts you’re willing to put in to see the cash prizes you could WIN! The success stories for this program are awesome!

Jump in on your own or grab some friends!

Sign up with a team and work toward a goal together! Check out the details here.

Whether you work on moving more, eating healthier, playing sports – or anything else, this program can help up your game!

How much will you lose?

Get motivated to lose weight!