Use this organizing system to make getting ready for the day faster, easier and less stressful.

Getting ready in the morning can be a rushed process and having everything you need in one place can help. By the time bedtime rolls around, searching for the products you need might not feel worth it. Keep things easy having everything ready to go.

Create morning and evening buckets to have everything you need together and accessible. Grabbing a bucket instead of searching for various items is so much easier!

Morning Bucket

This basket should contain everything you need to get ready in the morning. You might not be able to fit everything, but be sure you include the basics.
Lotion and foundation
Makeup and brushes
Comb, pick, and/or brush

Hair Appliance Bucket

Have curling irons/wands, flat irons, blow dryers, etc. easy to access and together in one basket. If there’s room, add your hair products too. If not, add them to the morning basket or give them their own. The point is to be able to grab a basket and have everything you need to make things easy.

Bedtime Bucket

Makeup remover
Face cleanser
Nighttime lotion
Contact solution

Have a place for tooth cleaning items too. They could be in morning and evening buckets or in a nook somewhere.

Special Occasion Buckets

You may have some makeup, hair and other items you don’t use every day. Keep them in a separate bucket behind the daily bucket. This way they’ll be easy to access and still be together, but not in the way of every day items.

You can use these small plastic crates or plastic baskets like this kind.   There are also bins with handles or these mini caddies that would work.

I like to use plastic buckets instead of wooden baskets because if products spill, they’re easy to clean.