Keep holiday decorations organized with this easy trick!

Holiday decorations are so much fun but when holidays are over, they need a home somewhere.  It’s easy to stick them out of sight but much harder when it’s time to get them back out the next year- because they tend to get all mixed up.

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Color code your boxes to make finding them easier!

Choose a different color or design of Duck Tape for each holiday and stick a piece to EVERY side of each storage box.  You can still write what’s inside if you want to but with the color on each side, you don’t have to read every box to see if it’s the right holiday.

The fun part is choosing the Duck Tape.  You might choose:

this wild heart pattern for Valentine’s Day


candy canes for Christmas


glow-in-the-dark pumpkins for Halloween


red, white and blue stars for the 4th of July


a multi-pack of bright colors


Star Wars for movie marathon party decor!


You get the idea.  Match a holiday to a tape design, label, and you’re golden!


Another Good Idea

Grab a large piece of card stock or poster board and as you choose which piece of duck tape to use for each holiday, make a key to hang on the wall in your storage area.  That way you’ll always know which tape goes to which holiday.  Or, if you have someone helping you out, they won’t get confused.


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