When the lights go out, it’s nice to have the supplies you need ready.

Be prepared ahead of time!  Create a power outage box and keep it where it’s easy to access in the dark.


We all experience power outages from time to time so having things ready can make life easier.

Basic Kit

Candles (after Christmas is a great time to stock up on these)
Candle holders
Matches (the strike anywhere are great!)
Box to hold everything

A Few More Things

Radio and Batteries
Food that doesn’t need to be warmed up
Hand Warmers
A game
Depending on your area, you might want to have a generator and fuel ready as well.  If you have a camp trailer, call an electrician to see if you can hook it up to vital systems of your house in an emergency.
When it comes to candles, there are many shapes and sizes.  Be sure you have holders to match the candles in your box..
Tea light candles work really well for power outages.  Put each one in a quart-size mason jar.  It can be safer this way and the light reflects around on the glass to makes rooms brighter.
If you do have an outage, look outside to see if your neighbors have power or not.  You might not be able to tell if it’s daytime.  If it’s just your house, make sure things are secure, grab your kit and try to determine the cause.  If your whole area has an outage, get some light going and settle in.
You can also use magnetic flashlight like THIS to keep in easily accessible places.  You could place one on your fridge and another on the utility box.  If you use a metal box for your power outage kit, you could even put one on the outside of the box to help you get candles set up!
Having a light kids can hold can help them feel more confident in the dark.  THIS ONE is great because it glows in the dark so kids (& adults) can find it if they wake up in the dark.  Games and toys help too!