You know those moments when being a mom is just plain hard? I’ve been trying something new (for me) that has really helped me out. I’ve been trying to use the time I have during tantrums, the I’m-going-to-sit-here-until-I-get-my-way moments, and other potentially frustrating times when I might have a moment.  I’m going to focus on the moments I love!

To do this, I’ve started a list to help me out in those decidedly difficult moments.

Here’s what I have so far:

Having my child fall asleep in my arms
Seeing their excitement when we have adventures
The fun of playing a game they love
Watching something “click” when they’re learning something new
Reading stories together
Playing outside (I still love playing outside!)
The look in their eyes when they’ve succeeded
Being silly
Enjoying traditions

Now I have some homework for you.  (You didn’t know you were getting yourself into that, did you?)


Write in a journal, keep it on your phone or your fridge- just start a list somewhere readily accessible so you can add to it and remember. They can be general or really specific- whatever you love!

When you feel like you’ve just about had it or you’re waiting for FILL IN THE BLANK, think of the happy moments that make it all worth it.

Give them a little hug and move forward!

Which Mommy Moments are YOUR favorite?


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