“Put your dishes in the sink,” they say.  Or not, at my house.  Keeping up on washing dishes can be a big job and NOT setting dirty dishes in the sink can help.

Doing dishes is a never-ending job.  It seems someone always needs a snack or a drink- or more. One simple trick has helped me stay on top of this constant chore.

Don’t set your dishes in the sink.


That’s it.  Sounds backwards, doesn’t it?


Obviously the dishes come in contact with the sink at some point but the trick is to get them straight into the dishwasher (or dishwater if you’re hand washing).  If dishes are set in the sink, it’s really easy for them to pile up until you have a dangerously unbalanced tower filled with puddles of stale water and slimy mystery crumbs.  {glamorous, I know}  Not to mention the worry that just moving one dish will cause the whole thing to collapse, breaking something along the way.




Avoid the whole problem by refusing to set the dish down unless it needs to soak.  Carry a dish to the sink, rinse it off, and set it in the dishwasher.  If you don’t want to make a dozen trips to carry dirty dishes from the table, go ahead and stack them, carry them over and set them on the counter NEXT TO the sink.  Then go ahead and rinse each dish off then set them in the dishwasher.


Teach your kids the same trick and your dishes won’t pile up.