It’s easy to get distracted when trying to focus on a task.  Staying focused can reduce stress and help you get more accomplished.


Have you ever cleaned house only to jump from chore to chore without ever finishing anything?  It’s easy to start washing the dishes, then reaching for a towel only to remember you needed to start laundry.  You toss in a load and head to your child’s room to deposit all the treasures you retrieved from their pockets, only to find crayon on the wall.  You walk to get a cleaning cloth and see the crumbs on the floor.  You divert for the vacuum… and, well, you get the idea.

So, how do you stay on task?

Here are seven things to try!


Create (and follow) a List

Choose one task and don’t move to another until you can cross off that it’s finished.

Time Your Tasks

Maybe you need a little more flexibility than lists allow.  Set a timer and work in one room or on one task for 20 minutes without moving on.  You may not get every task finished but overall you’ll make progress.  Rotate rooms/tasks to stay focused then finish up the details.

Use an Organizing Notebook

Some tasks can’t be completed in one session.  Keep a notebook to use when you’re multi-tasking and keep track of where you are.  You can see you that you’re progressing to stay motivated as well as keep track of the details.

Focus On One Aspect

If you’re dealing with a chaotic situation, focus on one thing at a time.  For example, when cleaning up a room, pick up all the clothes, then the toys, etc.  Or, focus on one corner and move across the room.

Set a Timer to Check Progress

How much can you get done before the timer goes off?  Hopefully it will move you through less-exciting tasks more quickly.  If you do get distracted, the timer remind you what you were doing.  {hopefully anyway}

Bribe Yourself

This doesn’t work for everyone, but some of us like getting a reward for accomplishing something.  I *used to* hide little treats in my basement laundry room.  My kids didn’t want to go down there so I could sneak down to get one- but only if I did laundry.  I really kept up with my laundry!  (note to my kids: NO treats at the moment.  Don’t ransack the laundry room!)

Take a Break

Giving yourself a few minutes to help clear your thoughts and give your brain a chance to regroup so you can get more done.  Set a timer so you remember to go back to what you were doing.

Any other ideas?  Share below!


ps- I stayed on task really well while writing this post.  (choke choke)  I decided I didn’t like the font I was using, then remembered I wanted to learn how to add a favicon to my address bar (the little picture to the left of the web address in your browser- look up).  Then I needed to make a graphic for it.  Quite awhile later, I was thrilled that I had a little favicon all cute and set up the way I wanted.  Too bad I only had a title for the post.  Now what was I doing?  Oh yeah, SAVE.