If your family seems a little too happy and peaceful, turn things around fast by trying these ideas for adding stress and chaos to your day!

1.  Yell and nag at your family when you’re running late.  Think they should be moving faster?  Holler at them.  This will cause extra stress (especially when your daughter proceeds to lock herself in the bathroom to cry) and slow everything down, cascading in extra chaos all around the house.

2.  Say, “I told you so!”  Obviously the person already knows this and they likely feel bad and/or dumb about it.  Try rubbing it in to add some stress to both of your days.

3.  Tell your kids you’re making a phone call and need them to be quiet, then pick up the phone.  Your children’s evil twins will emerge and drive things to the brink of insanity in no time.

4.  Criticize someone in front of others.  Help that special person know they did something wrong by shaming them in front of your in-laws, neighbors or kids.  Stress levels are guaranteed to rise!

5.  Having an argument?  Bring up all the past mistakes the other person has made.  Take things from bad to ten times worse.

6.  Refuse to apologize.  After all, if you hadn’t been pushed so unreasonably, you never would’ve snapped in the first place.

7.  Say YES when anyone asks you to do anything and everything.  After all, you don’t need sleep.

8.  Hide the toilet paper.

9.  Interrupt people when they’re talking.  They really should be listening to you in the first place.

10.  Insist everyone recognize that your way is The Right Way.  You already know this, of course, but shouldn’t the world acknowledge such an accomplishment.

11.  Get upset when people don’t read your mind correctly.  You DID put the vibes out there!

There.  Wasn’t that easy?

Extra stress not your thing?

Don’t follow the list!  Be nice, apologize, and help everyone get along!   Be a positive force in your homes and lives to bring out the best in everyone!